The Hinckley Reunion 2011


The Group



photos sent in by John Midiman with apologies for any errors or omissions!

  In the foreground:- John Smits, Bill Nixon and Joe Milnes Roy Haswell and Bev McLean
  Mrs Conroy and Mrs Weaver Bill Nixon, John Smits, Pete Thompson, and Joe Milnes  
  The Group from above Taff Picton pointing and 'Tommo' and Gerry Pugh looking on  
  Mike Conroy on the phone and Gerry Pugh in the background Mrs Weaver having a laugh at Ray trying to take a picture  
  Jack Bramham looking at documents Ray and Mrs Weaver  
  Joe Milnes, Brummie Wilson, Bill Nixon, Jock Turner, Andy Andrews, Ray Weaver
and Mac conducting
 Pete and Mrs Thomson  
  'Paddy' and Mrs Minford  Jack and Mrs Bramham  
  John and Mrs Smits Mike and Mrs Conroy  
  Roy and Mrs Haswell Joe and Mrs Milnes  
   'Taff' and Mrs Picton Pete Thomson, Mrs Thomson, Mrs Pugh, Gerry Pugh  
  Mitch and Mrs Dunnigan Derek and Mrs Emerson