What Do They Look Like Now?


This page features recent photographs of the members of 39 Field Squadron


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Michael Wilson at the Police Station where he's based on Anglesey. Alf Lister, ex Q.M.S.I. 39 Sqn, has lived in Adelaide, South Australia since 1972
and will be 80 yrs old on the 1st May 2011
Derek Emerson sitting in his conservatory at home  Taff Picton relaxing in Lanzarote
Joe Milnes, taking a pint in Cheshire Gerry Pugh at home - he hates having his photo taken!
Roy and Gill Haswell, how we look now!!
Michael McCormack at Coughton Court, near Alcester
Neil and Bev McLean at home Joe Reid 20/4/11
John Tremble - showing the ravages of time! Pete (Tommo) Thomson April 2011
John Noonan and his wife Lynne at the recent Commissioning Ball for HMS Astute
Mitch & Sheila Dunigan. The way we are today 19/05/2011

Bob Cooper and Ann

on Motor home holiday on the Isle of Skye last year.
Roy Davies (Ex Plant Troop. Aden) Still working, trogging around Europe and the Middle east as a sales manager for an American company
Steve [Nick] Parsons and Nita parsons at the 39 squadron reunion in Durham 240498453 Spr Col Scott, 3 Troop, 39 Field Squadron, Aden.
Resides in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, owns and operates Frontline Hobbies retail store specialising in Radio Control models and military model kits.