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Various Photographs sent in by Ex Members


This is a D4 Dozer with Sapper Tam ?? in
Waddi Lussum to show what a D4 should look like in one piece with the remains
of 39 Field Squadron D4 on the left

The following pictures show the remains of the D4 dozer that Sapper 'Sandy' Saunders was driving with Sapper Terry Lomas as a passenger after setting off a mine. Sandy had just refused to give Brummie Wilson & Rushton a lift over the rough bit. The two Brummies were knocked flat by the explosion, surrounded by falling lumps of metal and then had to render first aid until a CaseVac helicopter arrived. Sandy no doubt saved their lives.


The clean up afterwards

Lt Lacey, WO2 Lister, Brummie Wilson, Sapper Staniforth & Lt Green in  Wadi Lussum


Brummie Wilson, Cpl Bradley, Sgt Chadwick & Seamus McGuirl

Phil Emerson & Mooney outside 2 troop tent at Habilayn


Saracen after being towed back to Habilayn.
Jeff Ince & Rocky Price were killed in this vehicle.
Splayed wheels due to hydraulics boiling up

Another picture of the Saracen showing the damage to the battle hatch where the
Blindicide rocket hit and entered. Courtesy of Billy Minford


This is the Saracen that Jeff Ince and Dave 'Rocky' Price were killed in

Neil McLean has found what he believes is the Saracen Armoured Car shown in these
pictures located in Eastern Australia. The Saracen was sent back to England where it was
repaired and it is believed then sold by the M.O.D to the the Hong Kong Police


We hope to bring full details soon


If you can add to the story of this Armoured  Car email Neil Mclean at

Ratcliffe, Mooney & friend



Top Row Dunigan, Heaney, Evans, Sutcliffe, Dickson, Davies, Emerson, Francis , ?,  Dodds,  North
2nd Row  ?, Blackwood, Hornigold, Mortimer, Mclean, ?, Weaver, ?, 
Stuanton, ?, ?,  Rushton 
Seated  Wilson
, Tarr,  Bradley, Storey, Conroy, ?, Atkins, Perry, Turner
Front Row Hannah, Taylor, Mcguirl, Wise, York, Reeves

These are the members of 2 troop 39 Fld Sqn RE Aden with many apologies to those who I cannot put their name too as my craft is catching up with me, guys who were very good friends but I cannot recognise in the piccy like Jack Gordie,  Eric Staniforth, Mick Blake, Jack Bramham etc so if you can help out it would be appreciated.

 Can you name any others? If so email Neil Mclean at


Habilane 1967
Right to left back row, Cpl.Taff Picton, Ernie Earnshaw, Fred Gammond,
Tom Gillick and Joe Read.
Front from the right Paddy Gibson and an unkown soldier (can you name him?)



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