Photo Page 2
Photographs sent in by Brummie Wilson


Hunter Jet over camp

Habilayn Air Strip - 2 Troop waiting for Helicopter


Big Samantha - Brummie Wilson, Staniforth, Moonie Hibbert

Cpl. John Atkins, FNG guard, Brummie Wilson & small local

 Brummie Wilson not long after arrival in Aden

When the wheel came off our mixer on Malah Road



The HSRSU better known as Betty

Taff Picton & Brummie Wilson Hornigold on a shopping trip Malah
Jack Brabham, Q Storey, Sgt Chadwick, Moonie, Taff Reeves,
Phil Emerson, Staniforth
Sugden surveys Paddy Minfords damaged tipper. Trucks in the background either going back to UK or being dumped in the Gulf of Aden
Osnabruck - Cpl McEvily, Stan Northey, Frank Ramsey, Jock Glasten, Brummie Wilson, Paddy Staunton on Achmer Canal Bridge Osnabruck - Start of bridge building, in the middle about to do highland fling is Cpl Screwy Driver

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