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Most sent in by John Tremble


Brian Dodds, 'Robbo' & Brummie Wilson larking about Anzio Lines

The school where we were billeted in little Aden when we were packing up the Church and other buildings.

Bob Rossal under one of my "flower power" paintings in the school billets. The Church - one of the "packing up" jobs

 From left  unknown, Dennis Burrows, Cook, John ?

I was the camp hygiene NCO at the Habilayn camp, so was usually stuck in camp all day until the "incident" on the rubbish tip (can't remember but I think it may have been wheel blown off the tipper? ) 
Then I got the job of "sweeping" the rubbish tip road at 3.30 am each day. This photo was on a day when Dave Price came out to see how we were doing. I took this photo so I am not in it. - John Tremble

Dump Run, The "pig" we travelled to the dump in each day.

Same group photo, this time I am in it , I put the camera on the "pig" on delay.
From left to right Ginger?, John Tremble, Dave Price, Cook,?,?.

Francis repairing crates for packing up

Eric Staniforth and ??

On the plane home, Yoxall, Wilson,?, Robson "Sweeping" on the dump run

John? on the beach

Lofty Romaine and group making up packing cases for the church stuff.

John Tremble in the foreground and Ginger? and Pugh humping in the background. The wog I called "George" who worked for me in camp. It was this guy that got Dave Price the gun that used to
hang in 39 Sqn club. I wonder what happened to it? For that matter what happened to all of 39 Sqn trophies.
Has 39 armoured engineer Sqn got them?

A view of the cemetery, Dave Price's grave on the right.

A better view of Dave Price's grave

The road leading from the main road up to the entrance of Silent Valley

Pugh, Sunshine Barrat and Bob Rossal.

Keith Ballam Johnny Noonan on the beach

Your Photos could be here - Email Photos

Your Photos could be here - Email Photos


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