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The first 9 Photo's sent in by John Gardiner of 30 SQN, Photo's 10 & 11 by Tom Ryan
The rest sent in by John Noonan


Outside camp entrance showing bed sheet banners Welcoming banners again

Welcoming red smoke bombs.
First land rover through the smoke,  apparently 39 SQN Officer in charge of Advance party       
Following trucks carrying 39 SQN Advance party, I think they had been brought from the Habilyan airstrip where they had been flown in.
Note 30 SQN on Guardroom roof in background.

39 SQN Advance party, Whiteys from Blighty

30 SQN on Guardroom roof looking out for 39 SQN's plane.


Camp fire engine welcoming. Remember Screaming Lord Sutch's pop song?

Crusher site welcome to 39 SQN

Last night's guard welcome to 39 SQN.

Tom Ryan in a pub in Osnabruck with Sapper O'Callahan

Up country in Aden, Tom Ryan peering out from a flap in the tent.
Do you know who the others are?
If so email Neil Mclean at
Johnnie Ball plus another
what's left of a Land Rover after going over a land mine Another view of the Land Rover
Working on the road - can anyone name these Sappers? Well tooled up!!  - any names?
Tamping home the explosives - can anyone put names in John Noonan, Rocky Price plus?
A fine body of men - can anyone put names in please
two of the youngsters who used to sell us fresh water melons
Johnnie Ball   Dave Rocky Price
home sweet home  John Noonan, Rocky Price plus two - can't remember who -  plus the dhobie wallahs
I think this belongs to 17/21 lancers Johnnie Ball and Jackie Elder
Rocky Price plus some others A group up country - can you name them?

Your Photos could be here - Email Photos

Your Photos could be here - Email Photos


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