Why should I not rely on the Weather Forecast from this Station

The Weather Forecast generated by the Weather Station is based on a computer version of the Zambretti Forecaster.


Negretti and Zambra (hence Zamb + retti = Zambretti) were amongst the world's greatest instrument makers. Established in 1850 and based in London, they made innovative barometers for Charles Darwin's voyages on the Beagle, particularly designed to withstand the concussion of a ship's heavy guns. 


In 1915 they developed a hand held weather forecaster which required a minimum of information to be manually input and yet it proved to be more than 90% accurate over a twelve hour period. The Zambretti forecaster quickly became popular with soldiers, explorers and anyone engaged in outdoor activities.


The Forecast shown on this site is generated by the Cumulus Software package that monitors the Weather Station in real time and provides a forecast for the following 12 hours, not "right now". However, while the computer feeds in the required parameters into the software formula, the forecast that is calculated sometimes appears to be far from accurate for the local area.


Even the creator of the Cumulus software package admits he doesn't understand how it works either, he got the formula "as is" from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. But sometimes the formula does surprise us in forecasting changing weather conditions ahead of time. If you must have an accurate forecast we recommend that you use one available from the other weather agencies that have invested millions of dollars on their forecasting systems.


If you are interested in the Zambretti Forecast try this link http://www.beteljuice.co.uk/zambretti/forecast.html which allows you to input basic data and obtain a Forecast.


You will need to know the barometric pressure in your area and the pressure trend, (steady, rising or falling), together with the wind direction and the month of the year; that's all!   The forecast is most accurate when made at 0900 hours. Try it!





Beverley Bed & Breakfast and other associated companies and agencies take no responsibility for any decisions made or loss incurred based upon our weather station forecast or any other weather data presented and do not or ever will imply that it is in any way presented as accurate or even a representation of past, current or future weather data or trends.